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Topic: Being biased
Being presented by Satanism and Judaism as examples.

No matter which two religions you pick, if you ask one their opinion on the other there will be plenty of slander embedded in their response. As much as religion is a source of sanctity and hope, it is also the root cause for an abundance of wars and a lot of destruction. This is because everyone thinks that what they believe in is superior to others. While having pride in your religion is by no means a bad thing, understanding the flaws of your faith and not making assumptions about others' religion is a big step toward peaceful living.

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"There is no God but myself" "Knowing this, who dares worship the false Gods of the Koran and Bible?" -Satan from the Qu'ret Al-yezid

Like most other religions, this part of the Satanist religion tells that persons who consider themselves a part of this faith should believe in only one higher power. Because the higher power at hand here is one who is often vilified in most religions, the idea of Satanism in it's entirety is thought to be corrupt. Although, the last part of this quote, which calls out specifically the Koran and the Bible, does the same thing. The Koran preaches that if you consider yourself a part of the islamic faith, then you should believe in only Allah. The same goes for Christians/Jews and God. So, saying that they're wrong really doesn't make much sense if they're preaching the same as you with just the switch of a name.

"We DO NOT advocate or participate in any blood or living sacrifice. This act is Judeo/Christian"- Joy of Satan
("Judeo/Christian" is an old term used when explaining parts of religion where Judaism and Christianity meet)

This is a prime example of not understanding the flaws of your own faith and making assumptions about others. The bible talks of the last supper when the body and blood of Christ were consecrated and consumed as bread and wine. Christianity is the number one most followed religion in the world and Judaism is the eighth (as of 2010). So how is it that two of the world's most practiced religions are not frowned upon for sacrifice, but the religion which is falsely known for such acts is? The answer is simple, because nobody checked the see if maybe their own religion was guilty of these things before assuming other's are evil for it.

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"The Jew is the ferment of the decomposition in peoples,' that mean that the Jew destroys and must destroy because he completely lack the conception of an activity which builds up the life of the community. And therefore it is beside the point whether the individual Jew is 'decent' or not. In himself he carries those characteristics which Nature has given him, and he cannot ever rid himself of those characteristics. And to us he is harmful."- Adolf Hitler (Munich, Germany April 12,1922)

Another example would be Adolf Hitler. He grew up Jewish, but he also grew up around anti-semitism. People who out of pure ignorance, blamed Jews for the loss of WWI, the economic crisis they were in and basically everything that was going wrong at that time. Hitler festered in this uneducated hatred for Jews and eventually became the reason for 6,000,000 Jews deaths during the 1930's-1940's.

"But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die. for God knows that in the day you eat it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."- The Torah (GEN 3:5)

- Qu'ret Al-yezid (The Black Book) The Black Book
- The Torah
joy of satan