What are Atheist and Wicca beliefs on Homosexuals?

The subject of homosexuality is a huge issue in America. In this project the main question it will answer are What are Wicca and atheist beliefs about homosexuality?. Some things in the project to back up my essential question are sacred text stating what they believe and then analysis of a deeper meaning of the sacred text. There will also be some secondary quotes as well and more analysis to show a deeper meaning of those.


Related to the christian bible: Leviticus 20:13 - If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.

My analysis: The most interesting thing about this scripture is that it says “if someone who is homosexual has committed a sin therefore should be put to death.” Most atheist would disagree with this because since Atheist and homosexuals are looked down upon atheist supports them because they know how it feels. On the other hand, not everyone is going to agree. The subject of homosexuality agreeance among Atheist can be very debateable as well. Most Atheist thinks homosexuality is morally accepted while others may think being gay is a disease and if you are an homosexual you need to die.

-Short quote #1: “it is argued, is innately hostile to gays and so the self-respecting gay man or woman should utterly reject it.”

-Short quote #2: “Anyone who has researched the subject of homosexuality knows that many of the most staunch advocates of homosexuality are those who hold a decidedly secular outlook”- Journalist Peter LaBarbera
-Short quote #3: “Based on information provided by the Jordanian department of health, it states that there is an epidemic of homosexuality and the Minister of health warning the population to “protect their children” from this disease.”

Analysis of source: The fact that they have to protect their children from the disease is absolutely absurd. They are crazy and need to get their stuff together because homosexuals are different but does not mean that they should treat them any different. It shows that even though most people that are atheist believe and accept homosexuals there are still some who find it a disgrace to like people of the same sex.


Sacred text: “Sexuality is valued. Wiccans generally accept the findings of human sexuality researchers that there are three normal, natural, and unchosen sexual orientations: heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality. Some Wiccans celebrate "the Great Rite" which involves ritual sexual intercourse. However, it is consensually performed by a loving, committed couple in private.”

Analysis: What is important is that Wiccans generally accept unchosen sexual orientation including homosexuality and bisexuality. Key words; unchosen. That word is extremely relevant because the Wiccans that don’t believe in homosexuality most likely thinks we chose to be homosexual which is wrong. We don’t choose to be homosexual we just are. Most people of any culture that doesn't believe in homosexuality or just homophobes think it is something that is chosen. In this sacred text it puts very clearly unchosen which means we do not choose it. If we could choose a lot of homosexuals would choose not to be because maybe they never thought of themselves being that way but once they realized there is nothing they could do about their feelings.

-short quote #1: “believe that the magical energy within a circle only works from the sexual tension between a man and a woman. They do not believe that homosexuals can generate such a tension and effectively work magic.”

-Short quote #2: “It is foolish for those who consider homosexuals lacking in spirituality. In ancient times we were the priests, the sacred ones who blurred the lines of gender and sexuality.”

-My analysis: The importance of this quote is that before everyone judges homosexuals and say that if you are homosexual then you have a lack of spirituality think that in ancient history the homosexual were priests. They were who you looked up to and worshiped in the ancient times. The homosexuals ruled and the people did not care back then. This quote is telling people that before they judge think about what they are doing and try to think back to history and say Gay is Okay.

-Short quote #3: “All acts of love and pleasure are My rituals”

In conclusion, Wicca and Atheist both have similar views to the subject of homosexuality. Some people agree and some people don’t agree. What can be learned about sources are that when you find good sources they work out in your favor most of the time. People who practice religions don’t necessarily agree on the same topic.

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